This website is about community. Especially with the current events, economy, and discourse among parties, we all need to come together and support our local community. Think about how tough it has been for local merchants. Think about how tough it has been for local businesses, especially those without store fronts. We should be supporting our local tutors, music teachers, painters, plumbers, and stores. We need to spend just a little more time buying products and getting services from local people in our town. Just recently, I decided that I would do my taxes with a local guy instead of going five towns away and getting it done by a large commercial company chain. I also decided that each month I would go into my local pharmacy and buy tissues, soap, or other products that I have been going to CVS for. I need to do better. Don’t we all need to help each other?

It would be great if we all took some time to support our local firefighters, police, and emergency workers. There are organizations where we can donate to support these people as well as supporting any local charity, humane society, or family charity that would benefit our local residents. Now is the time to help each other out.

Buy local. Shop local. Find local services (for tutors, music lessons, taxes, painting, plumbing, electrical work, and more).

Please tell a friend and spread the word. Do you love your community? Of course you do. We all do. Support your local community right here.